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TGSS - Data warehouse
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TGSS - Data warehouse

TGSS - Data warehouse v 2.0 is designed to create an archive of electronic documents (files) and convenient search for him.

The product is designed for companies with a need for a large volume of electronic documents (files) very quickly
find the necessary information. Using this solution will allow systematic storage of electronic documents and significantly
reduce the time searching for the right document.

The main advantages of our solutions:

relatively low price compared to existing solutions of electronic archives
simple enough to use the mechanism of the archive;
easy to understand and use interface;
Advanced search engine of necessary documents;
has no restrictions on the number of users (no licenses);
does not require a significant amount of time required for pre-setting product. At the launch of the product requires no more than 1 (one) hour.

The principle of operation of the product:

The user creates a set of documents. Each package includes the name of the package, a set of attributes (tags), an unlimited set of files and description of the package. Documents stored in the specified location. When you want to find the necessary files, the user specifies the conditions for the search. The system will find all the packages, which contain the desired file. If necessary, the user can edit or delete the entire package or individual files.

Possible solution:

It has an unlimited number of assigned attributes (tags).
Assuming it is not pre-defined attributes.
Ability to assign attribute "Date".
Ability to assign frequently used features (tags).
Search for a certain period.
Search for a specified number of days prior to the current date.
Search without dates.
Search by content.
Search by full or partial match features.
Viewing documents.
Sending documents by e-mail.
Ability to select a storage location.
The rights of access and editing.
Reports on the work of the archive.