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The secret of success in our project execution lies in the ability to meet a client’s needs compounded by the professionalism of our developers. We have been in business for over 10 years working with a diverse clientele representing different spheres of business such as medicine, security services, manufacturing and sales of jewelry, automobile business (selling cars and auto parts, work stations), cell phone industry and advertising.
We develop software of different levels of proficiency. When executing the projects, we aim to use the latest technology available to help reduce the cost of labor and, as a result, save on the development expenditure.
Our company has completed over 50 projects for different business structures. 
We believe that the ultimate success and quality of the finished projects lie in our clients’ satisfaction with the work process and the end result. We ensure that our clients’ requirements are met at a 100% level.

Web Applications Desktop Applications Integrations
Web store Content management system (multimedia) PayPal
Web services Ftp transfer
Web applications Business applications UPS, TIO
Online reports Data encryption Quickbooks
Email Client Reports MS CRM

Technical skills:
.Net - more than 8 years
Ajax \ jQuery - more than 3 years
MS SQL Server - 10 years
Firebird - more than 2 years
TCP \ IP - more than 8 years