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Internet Service "Private consultation doctor"
Service is designed to enable the user to call the doctor at home or office at a convenient time for yourself.

Increasing the flow of requests from users of the site identified a number of requirements to changing the existing functional services.
The main requirements were identified:
development of the functional for the Administration of doctors, patients, orders;
Automating the distribution of requests among doctors.

Developed administrative module keeps track of doctors, patients, history of complaints. Implemented a tool for payment for using the service. Implemented reports.

The project implemented integration with:
Google Maps.


Internet resource dedicated to cars

The resource is unified by a more than a dozen online services related to servicing vehicles.
These include: Writing to the SRT, including repairs, search spare parts, Cars for Sale, Affiliate Programs and other services.

Indoor Player
Indoor Player

The system control playback of media contents.

Initial customer requirements boiled down to implementing a set of players, controlled by xml. Having realized the players, working alone, the problem was solved, but as soon as all the players were running simultaneously, which required a business problem, the requirements have changed significantly. Required to remove the slightest delay between the playable content, providing minimum CPU load, the maximum to get rid of memory leaks.

We coped with this task, surpassing customer expectations as to load the processor, and memory leaks.

Currently, our solution works by more than 500 screens throughout Ukraine.

SOS Access V3
SOS Access V3

A system of automatic transmission of alarms to a centralized console MOE.

The company carries out the fire and security surveillance was demanded by the MOE about the need for an automatic transmission coming from the observed objects of alarms to the central control MOE.
The Ministry of Emergencies have been put forward requirements to the format, rules and data rate.

Implementation of this project required the study of the structural features of storage for each customer.


Web portal about sale and rent of real estate on Canaries

Wellness Clinic