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QuickBooks Integration

<p>The Joint Stock Company should keep accounting records under two standards:<br /><br />National Accounting Standards &ndash; requirements of current legislation; <br />International Accounting Standards (IAS or GAAP) &ndash; requirements of international partners. <br />Some companies solve this problem by the next way:<br /><br />To hire the specialist on accounting transformation; <br />To keep double records, for example, in 1С Program with the duplicate in QuickBooks. <br />Each from mentioned-above examples has some imperfections based on human factor in general:<br /><br />The cost of the specialist knowing the principles of IAS or GAAP; <br />The QuickBooks&rsquo; training of personal; <br />Lack of Russian in QuickBooks; <br />Record&rsquo;s falsification as a result of mistakes; <br />etc. <br />Transformation of national accounts into international is time-taking and expensive process.<br /><br />Our proposal is to automatize the process. If the company accounting is in QuickBooks, and company&rsquo;s partner is in different accounting system, our suggestion is to realize the integration between national accountability system and QuickBooks.<br /><br />QuickBooks integration permits to cut down expenses on maintenance of specialists on accounting transformation as well as to see actual information in QuickBooks in real time.<br /><br />QuickBooks integration project payback period is from 2 up to 4 months.</p>